Picasso in the Window

Price 118.00

Description: This Bag measures 2"H X 1 5/8"W and is embellished within its open window with one of the most stunning examples of Picasso Marble or Jasper that I have yet to come across. The Bead can be easily turned to view all sides.
Peyote strap which is further embellished with more Picasso, measures 27" long.
Created with semi-matte Bronze delicas using the square stitch technique.


Picasso Goes Deco
Picasso Goes Deco
Price 118.00
Description: Bag Measures 2 5/8"H X 1 7/8"W
Flap embellished with 2 stunning pieces of Picasso Marble that are rich in varying shades of blue, gray & brown.
Strap length is 26"L and has also been embellished with more of the beautiful Picasso Marble in complementary shades.
Created using a combination of the Right Angle Weave & Peyote techniques.

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