Do You Believe?

Nouveau Fairy Amulet BagA Little CloserAnd Even Closer!
Art Nouveau Floral Fairy
Amulet Bag

Price 144.00 SOLD

Bag Dimensions: 2"H X 2"W created using S/L Matte Plum seed beads size 11/0. Flap is embellished with a vintage Sterling plate Art Nouveau Fairy sporting a lovely Columbine Flower cap. The Bag and Freeform Strap which measures 26"L are further embellished with Freshwater Pearls, Pressed Glass Flowers in Amethyst and Pink AB and glass Raindrops in Deep Amethyst.

Think Spring!

Do You Believe? #1
Do You Believe?
Price 118.00 SOLD

Description: Bag Dimensions 1 7/8"W X 4 5/8" from top of bag to bottom of fringe.
Strap length 25"L.
Amethyst size 11 seed beads dusted with Fairy Dust!
Done in single peyote technique.

Do You Believe? #2

Do You Believe?
Price 72.00 SOLD

Description: Bag Dimensions 1 1/8"W X 3 1/2"H top to fringe.
Strap length 24 1/2"L.
Done in size 14 Miyuki seed beads C/L Burgundy & S/L Gold
using peyote technique.

All Designs Copyright 1998-2001 AB Art Glass & Beadwork

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