Goddess of Springin Her Floral Bower
Goddess of Spring in Her Floral Bower
Amulet Bag

Price 120.00 SOLD

Description: Floral Embellished Bag Measures 2 1/2"H X 2"W
Floral strap measures 26" L
Goddess figure is of carved bone measuring 2 1/8" X 1/2"
Colors used: Matte Forest Green, Matte Kelly Green, Semi-Matte S/L Plum, Semi-Matte S/L Gold & a Metallic Purple with a Fuschia lustre. All beads used are Japanese seed beads size 11/0 & 14/0.

Purple Heart Amulet Bag
Purple Heart Amulet Bag

Description: Amulet Bag measures 2"W X 3 3/4"H
from top of Heart to bottom of fringe.
Strap is 25" Long.
Created using beads of Czech Origin in size 11 Copper & Dark Matte Purple.
Fringe embellished with Czech glass Teardrops of Deep Amethyst.

Autumn Goddess
Autumn Celestial Goddess Amulet Bag
Created with all the colors of Autumn!

Description: Bag Measures 1 7/8"H X 1 1/2"W
Autumn Leaf Embellished strap measures 25" Long.
Created using Matte & Semi-Matte Japanese Seed Beads size 11 in
Light & Dark Amber, Red, Green & Yellow.

Winter Goddess
Winter Celestial Goddess Amulet Bag
Created using the Cold Blues & Silver of Winter!
Description: Bag Measures 2"H X 1 1/2"W
Strap with Pale Blue Stars measures 24" Long.
Created using Japanese Seed Beads in Metallic Silver, Semi-Matte Cobalt & S/L Matte Sky Blue.

Rose Bag
Rose Bag
Price 72.00 SOLD
Description: Measures 1 1/2" H X 1 1/4" W
Strap length 25"
Done in single tubular peyote technique, embellished with flat peyoted roses in the strap.

All Designs Copyright 1998-2001 AB Art Glass & Beadwork

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